Sicily Tour Operator

Sicily Tour Operator

The best tour operator in the world is...Sicily Tour Operator!!
It organize for you a beatiful holiday (Transfer, B&B, Restaurants, Etna Excursions, and more other things.

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Italian Tour Operator

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Luxury Tour Operators

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Specialist Tour Operators

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What do tour operators do?

Create a holiday


typically combines tour and travel components to create a holiday.

May specialise in destinations


For example: the best of the tour operator is specialised in Sicily tours.

100% Satisfaction


We have selected only the best tour operators for you.

What is a tour operator?

Tour Operator

Tour operator create your holiday.

T.O. is a commercial enterprise that sells, create (or simply "assemble") packages, usually inclusive of overnight stays in hotels and / or transfers (eg airline tickets), insurance, accommodation and other services on site (in case all services are included in the package, including all meals and drinks, talking in kind of an all-inclusive). The Tour Operator typically performs the function of intermediary between the customer's travel agency and various suppliers. The end customer then buying this "package" the travel agency, will benefit from these services (air tickets, hotels, tourist services provided by local agencies and so on), the major tour operators for several years, providers are sometimes services (for example, some tour operators have villages or hotels, charter airlines, to "create" travel packages "complete" to many resorts) in Italy and around the world

What are tour operator?

Tour Operator is a business that offers various services for those who are to undertake a journey from simple ticketing air, sea, rail travel packages to the formulation and / or stay custom, both in territory and abroad.

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